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Guides and advices: how to install vinyl siding on a garage and others

Sefaco products are easy to install and will give you full satisfaction. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive our installation guides for all products purchased in a hardware store.


These installation guides will help you install Sefaco products by yourself. You will find tips and ideas, a clear guideline and a list of tools needed for installation. With mounting instructions, the installation will definitely be an easy process.

Our products are designed to be easily mounted and installed, but remember that we are here to help you if you have any concern or problem during installation.


Sefaco Quality

25 years warranty

Sefaco is highly confident in its products. Our PVC products are guaranteed for 25 years on manufacturing defects, and our metal products have a 5-year warranty.

Prime quality resin

Sefaco manufactures only high-end products. Customers who opt for Sefaco products are choosing a fence, a ramp, a lattice or accessories of superior quality.

High gloss finish, avoids maintenance

In business since 1990, Sefaco enjoys an enviable reputation with its distributors and customers. Our products require virtually no maintenance and offer superior durability.